email : [email protected]
twitter, instagram & ko-fi : @k0urud0


commissions open!

commission sketch bust : $15 USD
turnaround : 2-6 weeks (due to con merch prep for anyc)
details : one-layer art drawn in monotone colors on a 3000 x 3000 px canvas! high quality .png will be given, with and without a watermark for your convenience!

i can draw : humans & humanoid creatures, blood
i will not draw : gore, nsfw & hate art

please contact me if you are interested in a commission or have any questions:
email : [email protected]
instagram & twitter (direct message) : @k0urud0

i reserve the right to refuse a commission to anyone

terms of service
by commissioning me you agree to the following terms . .
ー payment upfront via paypal invoice
ー refunds will not be given if i have already started on your commission ; please make sure you have the appropriate funds beforehand
ー personal use (re-upload, printing, icons, coloring the sketch) is allowed as long as it's under non-profit & non-commercial use
ー please give credit when it is due (you can link my carrd website or any of my social media sites)
ー any harassment will not be tolerated! a full refund will be given but no artwork will be provided ; i will then place you in my blacklist for future commissions